Instead of creating a static page, I’m going to use blog posts to update what’s going on right now, that way I can see the history of these changes. The /now url will always link to the most recent blog post.

Inspired by Derek Sivers.


  • Creating: This blog :D
  • Eating: Fruits & Chocolate Milk
  • Enjoying: Cuddles with my husband, newborn, and cat
  • Feeling: Sad but hopeful
  • Gaming: Moonstone Island
  • Learning: Typescript & NextJS
  • Listening: Yanni
  • Living: Georgia 🍑
  • Reading: Grief Recovery Handbook
  • Researching (Rabbit Holes): Pumping efficiently
  • Traveling: Florida 🍊
  • Watching: Spy x Family
  • Working: As a software developer


I love doing Susannah Conway’s Unravel Your Year + Find Your Word workbooks.

Using those two, I’ve come up with my theme for 2024:


Supporting Words:

  • Soft
  • Feminine
  • Main Character
  • Little

I’ve spent way too long prioritizing things that didn’t matter to me in the long run, burning myself out, and meeting everyone else’s needs except my own. I’ve been running on empty. Pouring from an empty cup.

My goal is to pour from overflow. So it’s time to slow down, enjoy life, and fill up my own cup first and foremost 😄



People weren’t joking when they said having a newborn is a crazy experience. I can barely tell what time it is, let alone what day or month it is. I’m going to keep enjoy this baby bubble with my daughter - soaking in all the cuddles, smiles, giggles, and being there for every thing she needs 💜


Losing my cat, Shoyo, cut deep. I need a lot of time and space to heal and process this loss. So I’m working on…

  • Finishing the Grief Recovery Handbook
  • Checking out the GRH for Pet Loss
  • Creating a little memorial on my bookshelf for him
RIP Shoyo, enjoying the baby bubble with me before he passed.


Even though I’m happily married and planning to stay that way, I’ve noticed that dating courses and books have really helped me up my self-care game. I rely on my husband way too much for my wellbeing and emotional support. I need to fill up my own cup and show up to my marriage as a whole human being on my own. So I’m working on finishing the resources I have on this topic.


I’m not really religious, but I’ve been getting the itch find a church I like. The music, the speeches, the energy really lifts me up.

I’ve also been focused on listening to Neville Goddard, meditating, and taking classes to get grounded and centered.



I've been questioning what I want in life... Where I want to live (should I move for work?), who I want in my life (who should I give my time to besides my family?), what I want to create (what projects do I want to start first?), etc.

I explain more in my first blog post...

But you’re here, so you know I’ve finally started this blog :D

I’ll be working on new app projects, learning Typescript & NextJS, and launching my first app soon. I’m excited for you to see it!

Other than that, I'll be trying to answer my life questions in the upcoming months / year and I'll keep you updated 😄

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