Hey there! I’m Nicole, a late-diagnosed neurodivergent coder with a knack for hyperfixations and starting (but not always finishing) all sorts of projects. Diagnosed with ADHD Combined type, I decided to embrace my "neurospicyness" and share my journey through this blog, ADHD-Coder.

Why I Started This Blog 💡

I've procrastinated a lot in life—fun things, boring things, important things. The catalyst for change was the sudden loss of my cat, Shoyo, which made me realize I needed to prioritize joy and be present in the moment. I've faced many challenges, from escaping an abusive relationship to managing a newborn with ADHD. This blog is my way of holding myself accountable and connecting with others who might feel the same. You can read more about this over on my first blog post below...

I Procrastinated Starting This Blog

I wanted to have the perfect words to write. The perfect website with the perfect visuals. I wanted to have a few apps launched so I had something to write about. Because I definitely didn’t feel like my life was worth writing about or sharing with you. Why would anyone care...

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ADHD-Coder is about creating tools and systems to make life as a neurospicy person better and happier.


To start ADHD Creative, a development studio that has 1,000 users positively affected by the tools we built.


  • I am CLEAR on who I am.
  • I CREATE solutions with neurodiversity in mind.
  • I find the CALM in my chaotic mind and life.

What To Expect 📝

This blog is a mix of everything that excites me:

Dev Diary: Updates on what I’m coding, breaking, and making.

Dev Diary - ADHD Coder
What I’m coding, breaking, and making!

Hyperfocus: Detailed guides on tools and systems that I swear by.

Hyperfocus - ADHD Coder
Super detailed guides on tools and systems I swear by... until I find the next thing. 😂

Hyperfixation: My latest non-coding obsessions (think crafts, digital art, etc.).

Hyperfixation - ADHD Coder
My latest obsessions that aren’t related to coding. Think: random af hobbies like mech keeps, digital art, crafts, etc.

Fuck Ups & Fixes: Lessons from my many, many mistakes.

Fuck Ups & Fixes - ADHD Coder
All the mess-ups and what they’ve taught me.

Life Updates: Tidbits from my daily adventures (still brainstorming a snazzier name for this one).

Updates - ADHD Coder
Personal life updates.

Join the Community 🎉

I’ll be launching a Discord soon, but for now, subscribe to my updates below. Expect lots of polls, ADHD hacks, and possibly guest posts from friends who are just as wonderfully weird as I am.

Hope you enjoy the ride! 🚀